Fruit thinning

The peaches and nectarines are pollinated to the brim this year. We’ve been coming up with theories about why the pollination seems to increase each year. The nearby honeybees aren’t doing so well – each year their populations seem to dwindle, perhaps because of the Paraquat that gets sprayed on the conventional walnuts across theContinue reading “Fruit thinning”

The fruit marathon, beautiful peaches and a farm tour!

This week feels like the end of a long marathon — the solar panels are installed on the barn, the first soil moisture sensors are up at the farm and the graywater system is set up where we wash our crates! We are excited about anything we can do to save water and energy, though ourContinue reading “The fruit marathon, beautiful peaches and a farm tour!”

Aerial seed bombing and wildflower community event – Saturday Sept. 13th!

A FREE community event celebrating the Bee Friendlier Movement. Educating the community on the importance of planting wild flowers and its direct impact on the farming community. Come see us drop over 50,000 brightly colored seed balls from a vintage WWII crop duster to plant a wildflower field at the Cloverleaf, Collins Farm and HeartyContinue reading “Aerial seed bombing and wildflower community event – Saturday Sept. 13th!”

The unloved unlovely peach

My friend Jen is a big fan of the unlovely peaches in the orchard. The ones with bite marks, powdery mildew marks, contorted flesh, split pits, the small, bite-sized peaches. By far, the biggest aesthetic problem we have is the powdery mildew, which occurred back in April during those big wind storms. The spots don’t spread and onlyContinue reading “The unloved unlovely peach”