The Fruit Is Coming

Hey folks,

We are about three weeks away from harvest. I wanted to let everybody know that we still have sign-ups open for the CSA and the Ugly Fruit club. Check the website for those things.

The Davis and Central Berkeley sites are full or nearly so, but there are locations through-out the East Bay, in Napa, in Winters and over in Sacramento with plenty of openings. The Ugly Fruit Club will be receiving an email about the new ordering process soon. We are not going to invoice that anymore. Ugly’s will be sold through the website. The Sacramento Sunday Farmers Market stand will start up in 3-4 weeks as well. We are going to be out in Arden with all the other vendors who used to be under the freeway. I’ve heard it’s a great market, so we hope to see some of you out there. Finally we will have a few U-picks this year, but those won’t begin until late June. As always you can buy our fruit at The Davis Food Co-op, The Sacramento Food Co-op and Bi-Rite in San Francisco. Thanks for the support. We are looking forward to the fruit and the harvest as much as you’all. Tree Kilpatrick.

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