Online store sale!

Support your local, organic, small-scale farmers by buying holiday gifts from the Cloverleaf! Starting today (Small Business Saturday) we are having a week-long sale on the Cloverleaf Farm’s online store. To get the 10-20% discount, enter the coupon code “welovecloverleaf” in your cart when you check out. If you can help us spread the word about ourContinue reading “Online store sale!”

Friends & family of the Cloverleaf Farm, You’re invited to our… Popcorn Picking, Processing & Popping Party Friday, September 27th 4-7pm 9055 Olmo Lane, Davis, CA Join the Cloverleaves for a popping evening of picking and processing this summer’s popcorn crop! We will be picking more than 10,000 ears of popcorn, removing their husks, andContinue reading

Dear CSA Member: a Love Letter

We sell a lot of fruit to a lot of different people. And I’ve gotta say: y’all CSA members are my favorite. You’re similar to a farmers market customer — you make eye contact, converse sometimes, maybe even offer a compliment or some heartfelt feedback — but more loyal and committed, less fickle and notContinue reading “Dear CSA Member: a Love Letter”

Ode to the Ugly Fruit

Peaches are like people. They are born by their aging tree mothers arranged in clusters of commingling shapes and sizes. They grow and swell to maturity against the odds of climate change, disease, and an onslaught of ravenous wildlife and insects. The result of all these environmental pressures is an immense and amazing spectrum ofContinue reading “Ode to the Ugly Fruit”

I Love Feeding You

I don’t know if it’s my Japanese heritage manifesting itself or if food is just my primary love language, but I have always loved eating, feeding and convening over food. Wanna get together? I’ll make you dinner. What’s my favorite part of any camping trip? Cooking over the campfire. It’s your birthday? Let’s go toContinue reading “I Love Feeding You”

Soil health at the Cloverleaf

Fall is the time for getting things ready for the next year. I love the feeling of putting the farm to bed, covering the garlic with straw, planting cover crop and peas, and bringing  the final harvest in. We are so glad that the rains have finally come, putting out the Camp Fire, and germinatingContinue reading “Soil health at the Cloverleaf”