Looking for work? We’re hiring!

Cloverleaf is hiring a temporary (September- mid October) staff member to help us prune our apricots!  If it’s a good fit for you and us, you could come back in January to prune the rest of the orchard, thin in April, and/or work harvest in the summer (May-Sept). Experience in farming, especially orchard work andContinue reading “Looking for work? We’re hiring!”

#blackfarmersmatter #blacklivesmatter

While suspended in an international resurgence of political and emotional upheaval in the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police, I’ve been thinking about the origin story of racism and police violence in this country and how it happened first on the land in the field. WeContinue reading “#blackfarmersmatter #blacklivesmatter”

Dear CSA Member: a Love Letter

We sell a lot of fruit to a lot of different people. And I’ve gotta say: y’all CSA members are my favorite. You’re similar to a farmers market customer — you make eye contact, converse sometimes, maybe even offer a compliment or some heartfelt feedback — but more loyal and committed, less fickle and notContinue reading “Dear CSA Member: a Love Letter”

Climate change at the Cloverleaf

We get asked frequently on tours of the farm about how climate change is affecting us as farmers. While we haven’t seen a lot of big changes yet, there are many small changes that add up. This year, the late rains led to much more brown rot and a much larger compost pile than weContinue reading “Climate change at the Cloverleaf”