CSA sign-ups end June 1st

Hey there, if you are still considering our Community Supported Agriculture program to pick up a box of delicious mixed fruit once a week at one of our many drops (East Bay, Napa, Winters, Sacramento, Davis) please be advised that we are going to close sign-ups soon. The 1st of June we’ll stop signing people up and begin focusing on providing the best fruit for all our subscribers. So if you’ve put it off now is the time. We take Venmo, Pay Pal and check payments and it’s easy to sign up here on the website. https://thecloverleaffarm.com/join-our-csa/


Tree Kilpatrick (The Tree who farms trees).

2 thoughts on “CSA sign-ups end June 1st

  1. I am interested in your csa, but I’d like to know how much fruit/week, and what it costs.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Alice, our CSA runs for 11 weeks and is 10-14 pounds of fruit per week. The cost is $300-375 for the whole summer, depending on your pickup location and if you need the subsidized rate for low-income subscribers.

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