The Ugly Fruits (It’s an Exclusive Club)

The Ugly Fruit Club

As an organic orchard that minimizes pesticide use and never sprays while there is fruit on the trees, some of our peaches, nectarines, and apricots will always suffer from nibbling worms, stinging stink bugs, and damage from other pests. We pick our fruit ripe and juicy off the tree for the best flavor possible, therefore the fruit can get bruised and we can’t sell everything at markets or to stores.

We provide 8-11 lb boxes of this cosmetically damaged fruit (or “Ugly Fruit,” as we like to call it) at a reduced price for our Ugly Fruit Club to order, with a weekly pick-up in both East and West Davis.  Instead of the fruit going to the compost pile, we want it to go to your freezer, canning jar, pie pan, or straight to your mouth!

How does it work?

You will receive an email with fruit availability and an order form link. After you place an order, we will deliver to a specified location in either East or West Davis on Thursdays by 5:30 PM, where you pick up. You can pay via Paypal when you place your order, or bring a check when you come to pick up your fruit.

Here’s the weekly timeline:

Tuesday by 7 PM: You will receive an availability email including variety descriptions and an order form 

Wednesday by 7 PM: Deadline for ordering

Thursday at 5:30 PM: Your fruit is available to pick up!  Each box will be labeled with your name.  

Friday at 5:30 PM: If you have not picked up your fruit yet, the pickup location manager will distribute the fruit to community members (but you are still responsible for paying, unless the error was ours).

Not sure if you want to join the CSA or our Ugly Fruit Club? Here are some points to consider when making your decision.

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