CSA vs. Ugly Fruit Club

Not sure which program is right for you? Both are great ways to get lots of tasty fruit into your belly, but there are some differences. Here are the main points you might consider when deciding between our CSA and Ugly Fruit Club:

CSAUgly Fruit Club
CommitmentSign up and pay for the whole season (3 months) in advance.Order as you go–no need to order every week, and can order different amounts at different times.
Box ContentsA mix of our stone fruit, figs, grapes, and occasionally other fruit from neighboring farms.Each box contains one variety of fruit–choose what you want–stone fruit only (no figs or grapes).
Fruit QualityUndamaged fruit. Some may be ready to eat right away, some may take a day or two to ripen.Cosmetically blemished or slightly damaged fruit–should be used fairly quickly and may need some triage.
Pickup Sites9 sites throughout the Davis/Sacramento region, Napa, and East Bay.Only available in Davis and Sacto.
Who it’s Best ForGreat for having a steady supply of fruit every week, and a mix of fruit types. Great for those who can pay in advance and not have to think about ordering every week.Great for home canners, freezing fruit, or if you have a big event (like making lots of pies for a wedding). Great for those who want only one type of fruit (I’m talking to you, nectarine fiends!). Great for those on a tighter budget.
How it Helps the FarmHelps us pay our workers during the off months when there’s no fruit to sell but plenty of work pruning, thinning, and otherwise prepping for the season.Helps us reduce food waste. Helps us cope with pest pressures and weather events that damage the fruit and reduce how much we can sell to grocery stores and at farmers’ market.

Ready to sign up for some fruit? Awesome! Just choose your program below.

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