Update on the orchard June 2023

Hello folks. I wanted to give an update and post some photos here of the sad, suffering orchard at The Cloverleaf in 2023. We are experiencing a very heavy amount of leaf curl in most of our peaches and nectarines. In addition, the rains hurt pollination and our yields are very low everywhere. We also lost all of our Robada apricots (and some other varieties) due to rain during flowering.

We expect the trees to recover and be back producing next year. They drop their infected leaves and push out new growth. But we won’t have much fruit to sell this year. So no Farmers Market, no U-pick and not much on the shelves at our usual Davis Food Co-op and Sacramento Food Co-op outlets. CSA and Ugly Fruit Club are still a go though.

Here’s hoping next year we return to a full harvest. Thanks for your support over the years. In farming you gotta roll with the punches and deal with down years. This is one of those years. 🙏🏻🌳👨🏻‍🌾 Tree.

Peach block
The Red Haven made it through pretty well

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