Farm Update: CSA Opening Soon

This winter has been rainy! We’ve heard from many of you wondering when you can sign up for the CSA, and the answer is: soon! Everything has been delayed by the stormy winter weather.

We were just barely able to get out there and finish pruning our trees during those few weeks in February that we had some dry(er) weather. Unfortunately, the rains came again while the orchard was blooming and we lost most of the apricots. Both of our earlier varieties (Robada and Blenheim) have little to no fruit (maybe just enough for the orchard team to have snacks). Our later varieties of apricots have very minimal fruit compared to other years. The peaches and nectarines are just starting to set fruit and although it’s still early, it looks like they hung in there better than the apricots.

Because the apricots are a bulk of our early season fruit we have decided to shorten the CSA from 11 weeks to 8 weeks this year – starting two weeks later than usual. We’ll have the same CSA pick-up locations available as last year, and will be getting sign-ups open on the website by next week.

If you’re an Ugly Fruit fan, U-Pick enthusiast, or Farmers’ Market regular, have no fear! We plan to run all those programs as well. We’ll send out announcements about those as the time gets nearer.

Thanks for your support, and here’s looking forward to some sunnier days ahead!

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