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What should have been a slow rainy farmers market got a lot more exciting when Michael Marks of Good Day Sacramento took a taste of our fruit leather. He snagged the very last pack of apricot, but we’ve got lots of peach in stock, now including the cute lil’ 2-packs we’ve been featuring at our market stall. They’re perfect for stocking stuffers, coworker Secret Santa, or (honestly) just to tuck into your pocket for on-the-go snacking. Check out the tv clip below, and snag a pack or two from our online shop.

4 thoughts on “We’re on TV!

  1. I went into your site to purchase holiday gifts of Popcorn, Elderberry Syrup, and many other products I have enjoyed in the past. There wasn’t anything to buy!! No products — except a some fruit leather to buy. Very disappointed.

    1. Hi Jane, the link in that post (which I think you received as an email as a subscriber to our blog) went specifically to the fruit leather that was featured in the tv spot. We do have other products available in our online shop–dried fruit and jams, and elderberry syrup will be available soon. We did pare back our large variety of products a couple years back so that we can better focus our energy on a smaller product line. I’m sorry that you missed some of your favorites.

    1. We’ll make more in June. Hopefully next year will be a good harvest after the rains we’re getting now!

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