the cloverleaf

A few weeks ago we asked our talented friend Warren to trade us his photography skills for produce. He shot some awesome pictures (see our Facebook page), but little did we know he would write such an amazing poem for us too. Thank you, Warren.

by warren jones

what if
i lay my head
in the furrows
and lower
my eyes
the tops of esculents
that are almost
fit to be eaten

will i get a bitter
of the first morning
lifting off
like a liquid
hot air balloon

what if i
wake up early
just in time to
the morning full moon
set over
and garlic
and kale
and strawberries

will i get a bitter
of what it’s like
to grow
food for the hungry
by more than
just the parts
and pieces
we are adding
to the soil

are we fools
out here
hands freezing
in the wind
our we making
a prayer for
all human kind
as we breathe in
and push our hands
into soil

but no
i can hear the earth
and then exhale
as our hands begin
to warm

this is god’s work
i tell myself
and by that
i mean living
in mult-idimensions

standing still
long enough
to hear plants grow

standing still
long enough
to read the swell
of the land
and hear the dying
cry of the field mouse

to feel the
hem and haw
of the harrier’s eyes

to feel each grain
of blowing topsoil
as it glances
off my leafless skin

yes this is it
all i’ve got to give
i’ll take my pay in
wind and sun

Warren Jones is a massage therapist, poet, photographer, musician, bike mechanic extraordinaire and all around fantastic person. He lives and works in Davis, CA. If you want to get on the list to receive his “o poema do dia” (daily poem) via email, schedule a massage, or see his other photos, check out  his webpage here

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