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Farmers’ Markets:

Find our fresh produce and entire line of value-added products at Sacramento Area Farmers’ Markets! 

  • Sundays under the freeway from 8am-12pm
  • Wednesdays at Cesar Chavez Plaza 10am-1:30pm


Our stone fruit will be available for U-pick only on select weekend dates. We don’t post the dates ahead of time, but we will announce upcoming weekend U-picks by posting on this website and our Facebook page, and will also send out an email announcement to our Events mailing list.  Follow us on Facebook or join our events mailing list to receive U-pick updates and event announcements, as well as updates on special Farmstand events!

Ugly Fruit Club: 

Sign up here!

What is the Ugly Fruit Club?  

As an organic orchard that minimizes pesticide use and never sprays while there is fruit on the trees, some of our peaches, nectarines, and apricots will always suffer from nibbling worms, stinging stink bugs, and damage from other pests.  Because we pick our fruit ripe and juicy off the tree for the best flavor possible, the fruit can get bruised once in awhile.

We provide 10-12 lb boxes of this cosmetically damaged fruit at a reduced price for our Ugly Fruit Club to order, with a weekly pick-up in Davis or at the farmstand.  Instead of the fruit going to the compost pile, we want it go to your freezer, canning jar, pie pan, or straight to your mouth!

What’s in an ugly fruit box?

10-12 pounds of delicious ugly fruit!  Sorry, only full boxes of a single variety – no mixed boxes available at this time.
New this year!  We will be offering two different ‘quality’ grades of fruit.  In addition to our “ugly fruit” we will also have boxes of “semi perfect” fruit available through the same ordering system.  The semis (as we call them) have fewer bruises and less of all other types of aesthetic and insect damage.  You can expect a similar quality and price that you would have found at our farmstand (which, unfortunately, will be closed this summer).  The uglies have much more… character!  And they are less expensive.

How does it work?

New this year!  We are trying out a Thursday delivery instead of Wednesday.

We send you an email letting you know what we have available, including an order form link.  You place an order, we deliver, you pick up, we send you an invoice, and you pay!  Easy peasy.  Order as much as you want, whenever you want – no need to subscribe or pay up front.  We fill orders on a first-order-first-serve basis.  Here’s the weekly timeline:

Tuesday by 7pm  You will receive an availability email including variety descriptions and an order form 
Wednesday by 7pm  Is your deadline for filling out the order form
Wednesday by midnight  You will receive an email confirming that your order has been received
Thursday by noon  If we can’t fill your order, we will contact you using the information provided on your signup form   
Thursday at 5:30pm  Is when your fruit is available to pick up!  Each box will be labeled with your name.  
Thursday by midnight 
You will receive an invoice for the fruit we dropped off in your email inbox
Friday at 5:30 pm  If you have not picked up your fruit yet, the pickup location manager will distribute the fruit to community members… but you are still responsible for paying, unless the error was ours (brought fruit to wrong location, etc.)

How much does it cost?

New this year!  We had to increase our prices slightly this year (sorry) to help us reach our living-wage goals for all Cloverleaf farmers.

A 10-12 pound box of Ugly fruit costs $15.  A 10-12 box of Semi perfect peaches or nectarines costs $25, and a box of apricots is $30.  

How do I pay?

We will email you a Quickbooks invoice on Thursday evening after delivering your fruit, and you have multiple options for how to pay.  Payment is due within one month of the invoice date.

The easiest way for us is… to set up a direct bank transfer and pay directly through the emailed invoice (you will see links on the invoice for how to set this up).

Our second favorite is… to pay using a credit/debit card directly through the emailed invoice.

Also totally fine… pay with cash or check (payable to The Cloverleaf Farm) to 627 Lessley Place, Davis CA 95616.

*Important!*  If paying with cash or check, please include the invoice number(s) that you are submitting payment for so we can keep track of everything.

Where are the pickup locations? 

New this year!  Sadly, we are no longer able to drop fruit off in Oakland or Winters.  But, we will have an official pick-up location at our farmstand in addition to East and West Davis.  Also new, we’re going to do our best to make clearer signage at every pick-up location.


How do I sign up? 

We are taking sign-ups for 2020! To sign up for 2020, please email to get on the waiting list.  In your email, indicate whether you would like the every fruit or stone fruit CSA, as well as your preferred pickup location.

CSA shares will be provided preferentially to previous CSA members.  We will be capping the CSA at 85 members, and will be emailing our waiting list to fill vacancies starting on April 8th, so please sign up early to reserve your spot!

What’s in the CSA?  When does the season start? 

We offer a fruit-only CSA with peaches, strawberries, blackberries, nectarines, apricots, citrus, persimmons, pomegranates cantaloupes, and figs. The 2019 Cloverleaf Fruit CSA will include 14 fruit boxes (about 10-14 lbs of fruit per week) from May to August.

Where will I pick up my weekly box?  

We make deliveries weekly for pick-up at 5:30 pm on Wednesday evenings.  We have drop-off locations in west Davis (2222 Muir Woods), east Davis (627 Lessley Pl), downtown Winters, Oakland and Sacramento. If there is enough interest and members signing up for a different location, we can also deliver to another location in Davis, Woodland, Winters or Sacramento. Please email us if you are interested in adding another location and offer a suggestion for where it might be!

How much does it cost? 

For CSA payment, we are going to use the same system as last year – CSA by donation! We are asking that members donate on a sliding scale in order to receive their CSA share. A rough guide for how much to donate could be anywhere from $210-420.  The idea behind this system is that community members who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the CSA  would still be able to join, while our members who can afford it and would like to lend more support to a growing farm operation in Davis can contribute more.  There is also a work-trade option if you’d like to come work in trade for your fruit. Email us if you would like to do that, and we can let you know the details.

How can I pay? 

We will accept PayPal or Venmo as well as checks this year, but prefer checks or Venmo as we receive 100% of the payment. Please make out checks to the Cloverleaf Farm and mail them to 627 Lessley Place, Davis CA 95616. For Venmo, you can send payments to Emma Torbert.

For PayPal payment, please click on the buttons below. You will be transferred to a secure PayPal site. We are collecting payment for our fruit CSA shares by donation, so please enter the donation amount for the fruit CSA where it says “Item Price” after clicking the first button.

2020 Cloverleaf Fruit CSA Share

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Grocery Stores and Restaurants:

We are proud to sell our produce to several grocery stores, restaurants, specialty food processors, and online markets in the Davis/Sacramento/San Francisco region.  In 2016, our fruit was on the shelves at the Davis Food Co-op, Sacramento Natural Food Co-op, and Bi-Rite Market (San Francisco), included in preserves by June Taylor’s The Still Room (Berkeley) and Preserve (Winters), and available online through Good Eggs (Bay Area).  Our fruit was also regularly on the menu at Nido and Magpie (Sacramento).

If you are a restaurant owner, specialty food store, or food processor interested in sourcing local organic (and delicious) produce, please contact us at

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