Organic Elderberry Plumarine Fruit Leather


Handmade, small batch, certified organic.

13.9 delicious ounces per bag.

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This unique flavor of fruit leather combines sweet Zee Diamond plumarines (a combination of a plum and a nectarine) with the slightly astringent bite of elderberries. Other fruit leathers use mostly apple or pear puree and just a touch of other fruit for flavor, but our fruit leathers are packed with our orchard-ripe stone fruit. After carefully sun-drying it in sheets, we hand-cut and roll our fruit leather for the perfect bite-size snack.

Ingredients: organic plumarines*, organic elderberries*, organic sugar*, organic lemon juice*

*Certified organic by Yolo Certified Organic Agriculture

Each satisfyingly hefty bag contains a 9 rolls of fruit leather for a total of 13.9 ounces.

This year due to a small crop of our Zee Diamonds, we have this flavor available in only extremely limited quantity. If this is your favorite, stock up now!


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