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fruit leatherSmall

Fruit Leather

$6.50 each

This sun-dried fruit leather preserves and concentrates the flavor of our fruit – at least one peace or two apricots per strip! Great as a snack on an adventure.


fig preservesSmall

Whole Fig Preserves

$12 each

These brown turkey figs are individually pierced with a silver fork and slow-cooked in small batches using my grandmother’s Deep South recipe. Delicious on biscuits, pizza, or as a glaze.



Elderflower Cordial

$12 each

The floral notes of elderflowers are balanced by tart Meyer lemon juice. Add to soda water or a cocktail for a refreshing summer drink.


elderberry syrupSmall

Elderberry Syrup

$12 each

Our small batch elderberry syrup has a fruity and wild taste. Delicious in tea, glazes, sauces, cocktails, or on pancakes.


dried fruitSmall

Dried Fruit

$5.75/8oz bag

Our dried peaches, apricots, and nectarines have no added ingredients – just pure fruit! Thin slices allow for fast drying which preserves all of the delicious fresh fruit flavor.



Three Citrus Marmalade

$7 each

Meyer lemons, Oro Blanco grapefruit and Navel oranges are carefully zested in thin strips that give this marmalade floral notes without the bitterness. Delicious on toast or as a glaze!


peach ketchupSmall

Peach Ketchup

$6 each

Our peaches are slow-cooked with chile peppers, onions, garlic and tomato. Delicious on burgers, fries, or as a glaze.


wild berry syrupSmall

Wild Berry Syrup

$12 each

Our small-batch blackberry and elderberry syrup has a rich berry flavor and is delicious in tea, glazes, sauces, cocktails, and as a syrup on pancakes.


Spicy Nectarine Salsa

$7 each

The amazing sweetness of our nectarines are balanced by the tartness of Meyer lemon juice, and the spice of Cloverleaf jalapeños and serrano chiles.

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